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Montmorency Tart Cherry

Montmorency Tart Cherry

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Montmorency Tart Cherry

Prunus cerasus 'Montmorency'

Grandpa's Choice™ Montmorency Tart Cherry has long been recognized as the standard of the tart cherry industry. The fruit is bright red, medium in size and have a clear, juicy flesh. The trees are self-fruitful, winter hardy, very productive and ripen in late June.


12-18 Feet



10-15 Feet


Hardiness Zone


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13 Montmorency Tart Cherry on Semi-Standard (Mahaleb) root, Extra Large 5/8" up caliper grade--ON SALE! $27.99  $19.99 Add to Cart
1129 Montmorency Tart Cherry on Standard (Mazzard) root, Extra Large 5/8" up caliper grade--ON SALE! $27.99  $19.99 Add to Cart

Prunus cerasus 'Montmorency'
Homeowner Growing and Maintenance Tips

Montmorency is self-fertile and requires no pollinator. The tree is vigorous and easy to grow. It is somewhat susceptible to cherry leaf spot, so try to control it as long as possible, but if it drops its leaves earlier in the summer, do not dispair, the tree will almost always come back with a nice crop the next year.

A Little History about Montmorency Tart Cherry

Originated in France in the 17th Century and introduced to the United States in 1760. Grandpa grew and picked many Montmorency as a kid, and was glad when mechanical harvesting came along in the 1960's. Sure took the drudgery out of picking in the hot July days.

Prunus cerasus 'Montmorency' Characteristics & Attributes

Bloom Character
Early blooming
Fruit Characteristics
Medium size fruit
Growth Rate/Habit
Average vigor
Early to bear
Very productive
Harvest Period
Early season
Concentrated harvest
Other Attributes
Grandpa's Choice™
Very tart
Site Requirements
Full Sun
Very hardy
Skill Required
Easy to grow
Juice or Cider
Canning or freezing
Cooking or baking
Good for pies