Malus domestica Yellow Transparent - Yellow Transparent Apple
Fruit Characteristics
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Harvest Period
Other Attributes
Site Requirements
  Full Sun
Skill Required

Yellow Transparent Apple

Malus domestica 'Yellow Transparent'

Yellow Transparent is just about the earliest summer apple. It is medium-large with transluscent pale yellow skin. Some say it makes the best sauces because of its crisp, very sweet juicy, white flesh that is very light and texture, but it is also wonderful in pies. Trees are upright, vigorous growers that bear fruit very young. Ripen from early July to early August.

Originated in Russia and introduced in 1870. In many parts of the country it is very popular with the Amish who demand it for sauce early in the season. Grandpa spent many days thinning Yellow Transparent by hand when he was kid!

Height: 12-16
Spread: 10-14
Zone: 3-7
Color: Greenish yellow
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