Malus domestica Wolf River - Wolf River Apple
Bloom Character
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Harvest Period
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Site Requirements
  Full Sun
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Wolf River Apple

Malus domestica 'Wolf River'

Wolf River apples are enormous, often weighing 1 pound or more. It has a pale red color over pale yellow skin and soft, tender, slightly mealy, creamy white flesh. Excellent for baking whole and drying. Resistant to scab, mildew, fireblight and cedar apple rust. Trees are very hardy.

Wolf River got its name naturally from the place it was found--- on the banks of the Wolf River near Fremont, Wisconsin in 1875. This was one of Grandpa's favorites as a child, because it was sooooo big! He always said they were very tasty, but rather dry eating fresh, but when Grandma baked them, then mmm...mmm!

Height: 12-16
Spread: 12-15
Zone: 3-7
Color: Stripey
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