Backyard Fruit Production Book - Backyard Fruit Production

Backyard Fruit Production

Backyard Fruit Production Book

An Illustrated Fruit Growing Guide

One of Grandpa's nurseryman friends wrote this book, which is an excellent starter book for the Backyard Fruit Grower. Easy to read and well organized. Covers everything from varaiety selection, planting, pruning, spraying, harvesting, etc. Even has sections on small fruits!

WHEN ORDERED SEPARATELY, WE WILL ADJUST SHIPPING TO $10.40 and it will be mailed Priority Mail.  (Unfortunately our shipping estimater figures it as a tree in a box!)

Dave Schlabach and his family are Amish and run their nursery in New York.

This book has a wealth of common sense spraying and care tips that are hard to find in a book anywhere. It's just as if Grandpa wrote it himself!

"Backyard Fruit Production"
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