Malus domestica Macoun - Macoun Apple

Macoun Apple

Malus domestica 'Macoun'

Macoun is a regional favorite in the Northeast and Ohio area. It is similar to McIntosh in many characteristics, but has better keeping characteristics, dessert qualiuty and ripens about a month later. It is very aromatic and flavorful, with white, firm and juicy flesh.

Macoun was introduced in 1923 from Geneva, NY. It's parent are McIntosh and Jersey Black.

Macoun has a very upright habit and doesn't tend to spread much until it starts to bear heavily. It can tend to be biennial bearing, so thin aggressively to reduce heavy crops.

Macoun Apple on Semi-Dwarf (EMLA 7) root - Large 1/2-5/8" caliper grade

Height: 12-16
Spread: 10-14
Zone: 5-8
Color: Dark red
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