Malus domestica GoldRush - GoldRush Apple
Bloom Character
Fruit Characteristics
Growth Rate/Habit
Harvest Period
  Late fall
Site Requirements
  Full Sun
Skill Required

GoldRush Apple

Malus domestica 'GoldRush'

GoldRush is a very fine, high quality disease resistant golden apple with a pretty blush. It is one of the latest harvesting apples, so may not ripen properly in many northern areas. However, letting it hang as long as possible and storing for a while before eating will allow it to mellow. It is very firm, crisp and juicy. Tart at harvest it will develop a very rich, well balanced flavor after a few weeks of storage. It stores very well.

GoldRush was called Co-op 38 when in the disease resistant, cooperative apple breeding program run by Purdue, Rutgers, and Illinois. It was named and introduced in 1973.

Height: 10-14
Spread: 10-12
Zone: 5-8
Color: Golden yellow
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