Malus domestica Fameuse - Fameuse Apple
Fruit Characteristics
Growth Rate/Habit
Harvest Period
Other Attributes
Site Requirements
  Full Sun
Skill Required

Fameuse Apple

Malus domestica 'Fameuse'

Grandma's most wel remembered apple as a little girl was Fameuse or as it is commonly called, Snow Apple. It is a very old heritage variety known for its hardiness, good flavor and eating quality, and late summer, early fall ripening time. Th old-timers made good use of it for apple cider because of its aromatic and distinct flavor, and because it is only a fair to good keeper. The flesh is tender and "snow white" like its name suggests. The fruit is red over a cream background color.

Fameuse hails from Quebec where it is thought to have been a seedling of McIntosh discovered and saved in the 1600's.

Height: 12-16
Spread: 10-14
Zone: 4-8
Color: Bright red
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