Malus domestica Enterprize - Enterprize Apple

Enterprize Apple

Malus domestica 'Enterprize'

Enterprize is a excellent, red color, disease resitant variety, with medium to large size and good keeping qualities. Resembles an Idared or Red Spy in appearance. Flavor is moderately acid when harvested, but mellows nicely after storage. It harvests late in the fall season with Rome.

Enterprize, known as Co-op 30, when it was bred is another of the famous Co-op series of disease resistant varieties that came out of Purdue. Its pedigree includes McIntosh and Delicious. It is a fairly new introduction from 1993.

Enterprize is rather vigorous and has a spreading habit. Cropping is moderate and annual. It is highly resistant apple scab and cedar apple rust, and very resistant to powdery mildew and fire blight.

Height: 12-16
Spread: 10-14
Zone: 5-8
Color: Dark red
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