Malus domestica Future FastFruitTrees - Future FastFruitTrees
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Future FastFruitTrees

Malus domestica 'Future FastFruitTrees'

Grandpa's FastFruitTrees(TM) are specially greenhouse-grown fruit trees in compostable, bio-degradable peat pots that can be planted directly into the orchard without having to remove the pot.  The roots will grow right through the pot.  Grandpa employs this method to quickly grow some of the harder to find varieties that often cannot be found at some of his other suppliers.
The trees do not have the same heavy caliper size as most other bareroot trees, but their height in the greenhouse ranges from 2 to 6 feet tall.  We still have to cut them back for shipping in a box though.

You can specially order FastFruitTrees for future years.  Please go to the FastFruitTree Growing Tips page for more details.
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