Malus domestica Swiss Gourmet-Arlet - Swiss Gourmet™ Apple

Swiss Gourmet™ Apple

Malus domestica 'Swiss Gourmet-Arlet'

Swiss Gourmet™, as its name suggests, was a very popular apple in Europe for a good reason. It has a distinct, sweet and tart flavor. The flesh is creamy white. The fruit is medium to large size with a nice red blush. In some areas it will russet badly, but this does not affect the excellent flavor or eating quality. Harvests early in the fall a couple weeks before Jonathan.

Swiss Gourmet™ is also known as Arlet and was introduced into the US from Switzerland in 1984. It is a cross of Golden Delicious and Idared.

Swiss Gourmet(TM) Apple on Dwarf (Geneva 202) root - Potted FFT Grade - 2 Year Old Light Caliper
Swiss Gourmet(TM) Apple on Semi-Standard (Bud 118) root - Potted FFT Grade - 2 Year Old Light Caliper

Height: 12-16
Spread: 10-15
Zone: 5-8
Color: Blushed
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