Bio-Graft Tape - Bio-Graft™ Budding, Grafting and Repair Tape

Bio-Graft™ Budding, Grafting and Repair Tape

Bio-Graft Tape

Bio-Graft™ tapes are self-adhesive grafting tapes that stretch with plant growth and are resistant to fungus and mildew.  Bio-Graft™ tape is excellent for bench grafting as well as top-working.  It can also be used as a budding tape. All Bio-Graft products are manufactured from FDA approved polyethylene materials.  Bio-Graft tapes will work in temperatures ranging from -40F to 120F degrees  (-40C to +50C).

Bio-Graft will stretch with the plant growth, and will typically start to unravel and remove itself from the graft over period of time sufficient for good graft knitting and growth to occur. In extremely windy conditions, it may be advisable to secure the loose end of the tape in order to prolong its life on the graft.

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Grandpa is the distributor in the US for Bio-Graft tape and has found it to be a superior product for use in wrapping grafts, such as whip & tongue.  Learn how to stretch it without breaking it and you will be able to put more pressure on a graft than with some other tapes.  More pressure allows the cambium tissues to connect better and will make for better graft healing and success.  Since it sticks to itself Bio-Graft is very easy to use.

Once grafts are planted in the field, Bio-Graft tape will slowly and eventually "unravel" and "un-wrap" itself so no cutting of the tape is required.  If used under very windy conditions where it may need to last a longer time, then sealing down the end may be advisable. 

Many of Grandpa's commercial customers prefer Bio-Graft tape when doing their grafts.

Apply Bio-Graft tape with the adhesive side toward the plant.  Because our tapes are pressure sensitive, it is important to familiarize yourself with the variety of stretch pressure needed to produce a successful outcome.  Depending on the plant variety we generally recommend about 50% stretch to secure the grafted stock as well as produce good callous formation.  A minimum of 4 to 5 layers of tape must be applied to your grafted stock.  We recommend that you wrap about 4 layers of tape around your finger to see the effect of the pressure once applied.  By testing different stretch ratios and pressures in this way,  it will help to quickly understand the desired pressure for your plant stock.  Once the desired stretch/pressure is achieved, the grafted plant will produce the correct callous growth wanted.  Bio-Graft tape will eventually unravel itself from the bud after sufficient grafting knitting has occurred.  Under extremely windy conditions the loose end may need to be secured.

All Bio-Graft tapes are manufactured from FDA approved polyethylene materials.  Bio-Graft tapes will work in temperatures ranging from -40F to 120F (-40C to +50C).  Be sure to store in a dry place and avoid excessive exposure to sunlight or heat.  One 100 meter roll Bio-Graft tape will typically yeild approximately 1000 grafts on 8 mm or 5/16" plant stock.

30mm Bio-Graft Tape- 100m roll
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