Malus domestica Pink Pearl - Pink Pearl (Red flesh) Apple

Pink Pearl (Red flesh) Apple

Malus domestica 'Pink Pearl'

Pink Pearl is a unique apple because of its pink-tinged flesh and outstanding bouquet.  Many culinary experts like it because of its rich, sweet flavor, fine aroma, and pinkish flesh which can add color to many dishes.  The fruit is medium sized and a good keeper.  The skin color is yellow-green, often with blush of pink striping.  As the flesh turns pink it can cause the skin to glow pink from beneath.  It has highly ornamental crimson-pink blossoms.  Ripens in Spetember.

Pink Pearl was bred and developed by an apple breeder in California named Albert Etter.  He introduced Pink Pearl in 1944.

Pink Pearl is a moderate sized tree.  It is susceptible to scab and likely to fire-blight.  Requires about 600 hours of chilling.

Pink Pearl Apple on Semi-Dwarf (EMLA 7) Root - Large 1/2-5/8" caliper grade

Height: 12-15
Spread: 10-15
Zone: 4-8
Color: Golden yellow
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