Prunus persica Canadian Harmony - Canadian Harmony Peach

Canadian Harmony Peach

Prunus persica 'Canadian Harmony'

  • »  Grandma loved to can Harmony because they were tasty and sweet, and BIG!

Grandpa's Choice™ Canadian Harmony is an attractive peach that develops 80% bright red color when it matures in mid to late August. The fruit is very large round, firm and has good texture. The tree is large and upright with a hardiness similar to Redhaven. Harvest when the background color turns from light green to yellow. It is freestone and good for any use.

While the Haven series of peaches were bred in Michigan for the northern climes, the Canadians also had great breeding programs that Grandpa looked to for exciting peach varieties. Grandpa just loved Canadian Harmony because of its great size and flavor. Grandma liked it because she had to peel fewer fruit!

Almost all peaches are self-fertile and require no pollinators. They will set heavy crops on single trees, which need heavy and aggressive thinning early in the season for best fruit size. Maintain good vigor in peaches by pruning every year, and fertilizing moderately. Aim for 1-3 feet of new growth a year. Fertilize early in the season, so that growth is well hardened off before fall and winter cold weather.

Canadian Harmony Peach on Standard (Lovell) root - Large 1/2"-5/8" caliper grade

Height: 10-15
Spread: 10-14
Zone: 5-8
Color: Bi-Colored
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