Malus domestica Mother - Mother Apple

Mother Apple

Malus domestica 'Mother'

Mother is a rather large dessert apple that was once very popular.  It has a distinct, spicy, balsamic, sweet-acid, aromatic  flavor.  Its flesh is creamy yellow and juicy.  It ripens in mid-season, but doesn't store particularly well.  Some scab-resistance, but susceptible to fire blight.  Slow growing, but bears well from an early age.

Alternate Names:  American Mother, Gardener's Apple, Queen Anne

Mother is one of the few apples that made the trek from America to England where it is still widely grown.  It was developed in Massachusetts in the 1840s and was widely grown.

Height: 10-12
Spread: 10-12
Zone: 4-9
Color: Bright red
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