Malus domestica Baldwin - Baldwin Apple
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Baldwin Apple

Malus domestica 'Baldwin'

Baldwin is a large winter apple with bright red skin.  The yellow flesh is crispy, aromatic and juicy.  It is an excellent all purpose heirloom apple and keeps well. The tree is very vigorous.  It is a triploid variety so needs pollination from regular varieties.  Ripens mid-to late season.

Alternate Names:  Baldwin Rosenapfel, Baldwin's Rother Pippin, Red Baldwin Pippin, Woodpecker, Butters, Pecker, Flech, Steele's Red Winter

Baldwin originated in Massachusetts in 1740 and was once the most widely planted apple in New England until the 1930s when a severe winter killed many trees.

Height: 15-18
Spread: 15-18
Zone: 4-7
Color: Bright red
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