Malus domestica Twenty Ounce - Twenty Ounce Apple

Twenty Ounce Apple

Malus domestica 'Twenty Ounce'

Twenty Ounce used to be one of the premier cooking apples for over a 100 years.  It is also a high quality dessert apple.  The fruit is very large--- greenish with attractive broad red stripes.  The flesh is fairly firm and white.  The tree is medium sized but vigorous.  It is an early and productive bearer.  It ripens unevenly through September and October..

Alternate Names:  Aurora, Cayuga Red Streak, Coleman, Eighteen Ounce, Morgan's Favorite, Governor Steward's, Lima, Winte, Wine of Connecticutt

Twenty Ounce is one of the larger apples as its name implies.  It originated in New York around 1840 and was widely grown.  It is sometimes mistakenly called Smokehouse, but it is a different apple.  Several sports probably exist of varying qualities which are also called Twenty Ounce Pippin.

Height: 12-15
Spread: 10-15
Zone: 4-8
Color: Bright red
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