Malus domestica Turley - Turley Winesap Apple

Turley Winesap Apple

Malus domestica 'Turley'

Turley Winesap is similar to Stayman Winesap, but ripens about a week earlier.  It does not crack like ordinary Stayman.  The fruit is large, firm, white fleshed, crisp and juicy.  It is a multi-purpose apple, but does not have as "winey" a flavor as Stayman or regualr Winesap.  The tree is strong and vigorous.

Alternate Names:  Turley, Turley Winesap

Grandpa grew Turley's on the farm and it was a consistent cropper, and superior to Stayman because of less cracking and much larger than ordinary Winesap.  Turley was discovered by Joe E. Burton in Orleans, Indiana and introduced in 1922.  It was widely grown in the midwest.  It is likely an open pollinated seedling of Stayman or Winesap.

Height: 15-18
Spread: 15-18
Zone: 5-8
Color: Bright red
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