Malus domestica Westfield Seek-No-Further - Red Westfield Seek-No-Further

Red Westfield Seek-No-Further

Malus domestica 'Westfield Seek-No-Further'

Red Westfield Seek-No-Further is well suited for fresh eating and drying.  The dried apple has an intensified flavor over the fresh one.  The fruit is medium large with streaky red and russet over yellow.  It is crispy, juicy and aromatic with a distinctive flavor. It keeps fiarly well.  Ripens in later September to October.  The tree is hardy and vigorous.

Alternate Names:  Westfield, Seek-No-Further, New England Seek-No-Further, Connecticutt Seek-No-Further, Marietta Seek-No-Further, Red Seek-No-Further, Red Winter Pearmain

Westfield Seek-No-Further originated in Westfield, Massachusetts in 1796 and made its way around the northeast where it acquired many other names.

Height: 12-15
Spread: 10-15
Zone: 3-6
Color: Bright red
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