Malus domestica Chenango Strawberry - Chenango Strawberry Apple

Chenango Strawberry Apple

Malus domestica 'Chenango Strawberry'

Chenango Strawberry is one of the most beautiful summer apples, with medium to large, conical, shiny, yellowish-whitish, smooth skinned apples.  The skin is almost translucent.  The fruit is firm, juicy and white, but tender and very aromatic.  Pick when the skin stars to turn milky.  It picks over a long period of several weeks, but overripe fruit will get dry and mealy.  Good for eating and sauce.  The tree is very hardy, but very susceptible to fire blight.

Alternate name:  Buckley, Chenango, Early Sugar Loaf, Frank, Jackson, Sherwood's Favorite, Smyrna

Chenango Strawberry goes by many different names and has been known since 1850, but its origin is not exactly known.  Chenango was a favorite summer apple produced during Grandpa's time and shipped from the market all over the midwest.

Height: 15-18
Spread: 15-18
Zone: 4-9
Color: Bright red
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