Malus domestica Black Gilliflower (Sheepnose) - Black Gilliflower Apple
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Site Requirements
  Full Sun
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Black Gilliflower Apple

Malus domestica 'Black Gilliflower (Sheepnose)'

Black Gilliflower produces large, dark red, almost black colored fruit.  It is large, long and conical in shape.  Its greenish-white flesh has a distinctive aroma and is rich, but with a mild sweet flavor.  It is prized for baking and drying.  The tree is healthy, vigorous and fruitful.  Ripens in September to October.  Fruit hangs well, but becomes drier when overripe.

Alternate Names:Black Sheepnose, Black Spitz, Black Spitzenburg, Crow's Egg, Gilliflower, Red Gilliflower, Sheepnose

Black Gilliflower has been around since the late 1700s and is thought to have come from Connecticutt.

Height: 12-15
Spread: 10-15
Zone: 6-9
Color: Bright red
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