Malus domestica Ashmead's Kernel - Ashmead's Kernel Apple
Bloom Character
Fruit Characteristics
Growth Rate/Habit
Harvest Period
  Late fall
Other Attributes
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Ashmead's Kernel Apple

Malus domestica 'Ashmead's Kernel'

Ashmead's Kernel bears medium sized, greenish yellow fruits often with a heavy brownish russet.  It is usually a flattish, round apple, but sometimes it can be conical.  The yellowish flesh is crisp, sweet, juicy and aromatic, but is somewhat tart when harvested in late October.  It reaches peak flavor in early November.  For flavor it is highly rated.  It is a good cider variety and the fruit will keep for several months.  Very hardy to about -40 degrees.  The tree appears vigorous and early bearing.

In the early 1700s Dr. Ashmead who was an well known physician in England discovered this apple as a seedling, thus its name.

Height: 12-15
Spread: 10-15
Zone: 3-7
Color: Greenish yellow
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