Malus domestica Cameo® - Cameo® Apple

Cameo® Apple

Malus domestica 'Cameo®'

  • »  Cameo® brand apple is one of Grandpa's new favorites. Reminds him of the old-time delicious. Tasty and a good keeper!

Grandpa's Choice™ Cameo® is a new variety that almost everyone likes. It is a large, fairly attractive red-striped apple with excellent, sweet-tart flavor and crisp, juicy flesh. It stores well, even in the refrigerator. It picks quite late in the fall, so don't rush to pick it before its time.

Cameo® was found as a chance apple seedling near Dryden, Washington in the 1980's, and was first known as Caudle cultivar. While its exact parentage isn't known, Grandpa suspects that it has some Red Delicious in it because it reminds him of the older, less well colored strains of Delicious that ate so well.

Cameo® is quite fruitful and grows similar to a Golden Delicious, although it will set many spurs on its branches over time. Trim judiciously to maintain vigor. Cameo® is susceptible to fire blight if grown too lush.

Cameo(R) Apple on Semi-Dwarf (EMLA 7) root - Large 1/2-5/8" caliper grade
Cameo(R) Apple on Semi-Standard (EMLA 106) root - 2 Year Extra Large grade

Height: 14-16
Spread: 12-15
Zone: 5-8
Color: Stripey
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