Prunus persica Hardired - Hardired Nectarine
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  Full Sun
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Hardired Nectarine

Prunus persica 'Hardired'

  • »  Hardired nectarine is one of the most hardy and easiest to grow.

Grandpa's Choice™ Hardired nectarine ripens in early August with a smooth skin that is 90% red. It has yellow, freestone flesh that has good texture and flavor. The tree is vigorous, very productive, and resistant to brown rot and bacterial leaf spot. Hardired is known for its excellent hardiness, similar to Reliance peach, so can be planted in marginal peach and nectarine areas.

Developed by the Canadian Agricultural Research Station in Harrow, Ontario and introduced in 1974. Grandpa liked it because it was very hardy and produced under the most extreme conditions, like Reliance and Madison peach.  It is hardy to almost -30 degrees F.

Height: 10-15
Spread: 10-12
Zone: 5-9
Color: Bright red
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