Spiral Tree Protectors - Plastic Spiral Tree Protectors (24 inches long)

Plastic Spiral Tree Protectors (24 inches long)

Spiral Tree Protectors

Grandpa now ships FREE tree wraps with each tree ordered, since he thinks these are so important to protect your young trees from "critter damage". So, you do not need to order these unless you need extras for other trees.

If you need a large quantity of wraps (over 500) please contact us prior to ordering.  We normally limit orders to under 500 wraps, but can arrange a larger commercial purchase for quantities over 1000 normally.


Protect your young trees from mouse, rabbit, and other rodent damage. These 24" long tree wraps are easy to put on and do a good job of protecting the trunks from chewing and other mechanical damage. They also help keep herbicides from contacting young bark. These can be shipped with your trees. Grandpa always used them on all his orchards.

Tree wraps, when ordered alone without any trees, will usually ship cheaper than what the UPS calculator will calculate, which is based on trees alone.  We will adjust UPS charges before we ship and charge your card.



Certain varieties of young fruit trees are particularly tasty to rabbits and rodents, but all trees should be protected. While these wraps should be removed in a few years when the trunk fills in the space, we have seen old trees in orchards with wraps still in place. One would think they would girdle the tree, but it usually doesn't happen. However, when the tree is older, the bark is thicker and less tasty, so removal in a few years is recommended and you will usually see no more damage from rabbits and mice to the trunks.

1 each-24" Plastic Spiral Tree Protector Wrap
24- count-24" Plastic Spiral Tree Protector Wrap
96-count-24" Plastic Spiral Tree Protector Wrap
48-count-24" Plastic Spiral Tree Protector Wrap

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