Prunus persica Fantasia - Fantasia Nectarine

Fantasia Nectarine

Prunus persica 'Fantasia'

Fantasia is a large, egg-shaped, freestone nectarine with very smooth skin. It is 70% bright red overlaid on brilliant yellow. Excellent quality yellow, smooth textured flesh with a sweet and tangy flavor. Fantasia ripens later in the season, around Labor Day in the East.

One of the many USDA introductions from California coming to us about 1969.

Nectarines are self-fertile and can be planted by themselves. Treat a nectarine just like peaches when growing. Thin early and agressively for good size. Prune every year to maintain vigor. You should seek to get between 1-3 feet of new growth a year. Over, 3 feet and you are probably fertilizing too much.

Fantasia Nectarine on Standard (Lovell) root - Large 1/2"-5/8" caliper grade

Height: 10-14
Spread: 10-14
Zone: 5-8
Color: Bright red
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