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At Grandpa's all trees are carefully wrapped and boxed for shipment. We give FREE spiral tree wraps for each tree ordered.

Open the attachments or the pages below for the most detailed and current policy.

Grandpa always knew that his reputation was "on the line" with each and every tree he sold to his commercial customers. The same holds true for each and every tree he sells to his backyard growers through Grandpa's Orchard.  Grandpa’s goal is to keep you a happy customer so that you come back time and again, and tell your friends how good we are.

At the bottom of the page are many links regarding warranty, claims handling, subtitutions, phytosanitary restrictions, etc.

Your satisfaction is important. Many simple questions about how we handle orders, ship your trees, and deal with problems that might arise can be found in the additional information box below. However, if you have any kind of question, please feel free to contact us. You will find that Grandpa will likely bend over backwards to take care of your problem, whatever it is.

Email is the easiest and quickest way, because Grandpa or Grandma reads and answers those personally. Email us at: CustomerCare@GrandpasOrchard.com   Please include your order number and full name, address, and phone numbers if possible.  You can also write, phone or fax us, but often times during the busy shipping and budding seasons your phone call may often be answered by Grandpa's "cast iron" secretary. Emails get Grandpa's attention and a quicker response, although sometimes he falls behind in those seasons too.

IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM, NOTIFY US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND WITHIN THE TIME PERIODS NOTED IN OUR CLAIMS POLICY AND WARRANTY:   Grandpa tries to make sure that you get the best possible product, shipped at the right time, and in good condition, but sometimes mistakes are made and shipments can go awry. Let us know of problems as soon as possible. We will try our best to fix them immediately.  If you are having a growing problem with a tree or plant, please contact Grandpa for advice first.  Often he can help diagnose problems and help you get the tree back on track.

MAKING A CLAIM FOR A REPLACEMENT TREE:    Our replacement rate is very low, but we know that sometimes a tree just does not start growing properly and thrive.  While we can legally stand behind our official warranty policy, often Grandpa is more lenient than the “legalese” because he values your business and likes satisfied customers.

Grandpa has found most problems and claims are the result of:  (1) improper pruning at planting (usually failure to prune the tree enough to balance the top with the roots at planting); (2) failure to properly water (either too much or too little) and otherwise care for the young tree; or (3) planting a variety in a hardiness zone that is too cold for the variety and expecting it to survive the cold, harsh winter.  Grandpa is likely to dig his heels in at replacing trees where it is obvious you either did not take care of them according to our directions, or you are trying to grow a variety in an area that is generally not recognized as being an area where the variety will survive and grow to maturity and produce fruit.  (Example:  Trying to grow peaches in Zone 3!)  However, if you feel the tree or plant is the problem, then let us know, so we can try to satisfy you.

In general, let us know of problems during these timeframes:
Spring shipments:  By August 1 following planting if it appears the tree is not starting to grow vigorously and thrive.
Fall shipments:  By May 1 following planting if it appears the tree is not starting to grow vigorously and thrive.
If your tree of plant is not growing well by these times, there is a problem somewhere!  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a tree or plant to live through the following winter season if it started growing, thrived and established itself well, because we do not have control over the long term weather and climate.  Mother Nature has control after winter sets in!

SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS TO SOME AREAS:  At Grandpa’s we try to follow all the confusing phytosanitary regulations each state has, so we may not be able to ship some products to you because of them.  These regulations are in place to protect your state from various disease and insect threats which could possibly be transported on nursery stock.  All of Grandpa’s nursery stock is inspected and certified by the State of Michigan and/or the state where the stock was grown, but even so, some states are very restrictive in what may be transported into the state, so we may restrict shipments of certain types of plants into your state.  For a fuller list of states and what may or may not be shipped in, please go below to the “Phytosanitary Shipping Restrictions” page below in the other information box. 

In general though:

Stonefruit (Cherry, Peach, Nectarine, Plum, Prune, Apricot)--- Will not ship ANY to CA, HI.  May restrict shipping some varieties to:  CO, ID, OR, WA.
Special Restrictions--- Hawaii, California, Canada or out of the USA--- NO nursery stock shipped of any kind.
Alaska--- contact us before you order so that we can discuss alternate shipping methods.
Potted FastFruitTree (FFT) grade--- NO shipment to Arizona, Califonia, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, or Washington.  See further information below.

If you felt you have had a good experience with Grandpa's Orchard, let us know too and give us permission to use it as a testimonial.  Thank you for your business. Please come back often and tell your friends!

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