Grandpa's Favorite Fruit Trees and Products

These are some of the best of the hundreds Grandpa offers!

Grandpa tested hundreds of fruit tree varieties in his lifetime. Some were so bad that Grandma rejected them! If they couldn't pass the "Grandma test", they usually couldn't stay in Grandpa's Orchard™. Grandpa's Choice™ varieties are the "best of the best" and became his and Grandma's all-time favorites. Grandpa's Nature Friendly™ varieties are proven disease resistant varieties that Grandpa selected for his backyard fruit grower friends, who didn't want to spray pesticides and fungicides as much. You may be able to find many of these in containers at your local, independent garden center. If they don't carry Grandpa's Orchard™ Premium Brand Fruit Trees, recommend that they become a licensee. You can also buy all of these, plus many more, online in the regular bareroot fruit tree section of Grandpa's Orchard™. CLICK "BUY FRUIT TREES ONLINE" ON THE LEFT NAVIGATION BAR FOR THE EASIEST WAY TO BUY AND SEE ALL OF GRANDPA'S SELECTIONS! YOU CAN ALSO START YOUR ORDER HERE---IT'S SIMPLE TO PLACE AN ORDER AT GRANDPA'S: Click on any item below. If that variety is available the pricing box will show up with all the rootstock and size selections available. Click and add one to your cart. Continue shopping to add more selections. When you are done shopping, go to the secure checkout, where you can calculate UPS with the little tool in the bottom right corner of the checkout page. When you check out, we only get an authorization on your credit card. We do not actually charge your card until just before we ship your order in the Spring or Fall. If you don't want to buy just yet, then the "Shopping List" function will allow you to keep track of your favorites. Just make sure to print out your list when you are done. Sorry, you won't be able to convert your "Shopping List" into an order. You will have to add individual items to your "Cart". Don't worry if you make a mistake or forget something, we now allow you to add items and edit your order in others ways after you checkout! It's easy--- just click on "View your Pending Order Status" at the top of the page. Remember to use your email address as your log-in and a password that you can remember. If you have any trouble, contact us, and we can help you order and fix any mistakes. SCOLL BELOW FOR GRANDPA'S FAVORITE VARIETIES OR CLICK "BUY FRUIT TREES ON-LINE" FOR ALL SELECTIONS

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