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Site Requirements

Full Sun
Frost Resistant
Frost Sensitive
Somewhat bud tender
Very hardy
Winter hardy

Growth Rate/Habit

Slow growing
Average vigor
Very vigorous
Early to bear
Slow to bear
Very productive
Compact habit
Pillar/columnar habit
Spreading habit
Spurry habit
Upright habit

Bloom Character

Early blooming
Mid-season blooming
Late blooming
Excellent pollinizer
Pollinizer needed
Somewhat self-fertile
Triploid or sterile
Tends to biennial bear
Tends to crop lightly
Thin early for size
Thin heavily for size

Harvest Period

Very early season
Early season
Late season
Very late season
Early summer
Late summer
Early fall
Late fall
Concentrated harvest
Extended harvest

Fruit Characteristics

Small fruited
Medium size fruit
Large fruit
Very large fruit
Ornamental fruit only

Disease Resistance

Bacterial spot tolerant
Cedar Rust Resistance
Crack resistance
Fire Blight Resistance
Mildew resistance
Russet resistance
Scab resistance

Skill Required

Easy to grow
Average skill
Above average skill


Canning or freezing
High dessert quality
Cooking or baking
Good for drying
Good for pies
Good for sauce
Juice or Cider

Other Attributes

Grandpa's Choice™
Grandpa's Nature Friendly™
Complex flavor
Somewhat spicy
Somewhat tart
Sub-acid flavor
Very crisp
Very juicy
Very sweet
Very tart
Keeps well
Long-term keeper
Short shelf-life
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